ACE Pipeline - Take the Stress Out of CI Stress Testing
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Load Testing on Steroids

ACE Pipeline offers a revolutionary new approach to load and stress testing called Consensus-Based Analysis. It gives your team a way to reach a formal agreement about what will cause a test to fail and what will allow it to pass, including which errors can and can’t be ignored and what the response time, request rate, and throughput limits should be. This becomes a self-enforcing contract that gets applied automatically to each test run, resulting in a pass/fail status that is every bit as dependable as the result of a unit test or functional test. In fact, it’s the only way to have a fully automated load or stress test that doesn’t require anyone to examine the result unless it fails. And you can be sure the test won’t fail unless something is broken so most of the time it will pass as expected.

This is far more robust and reliable than using error rates to pass or fail a test – a small error rate can mask serious issues by producing a false positive, just like a false negative can cause a test to fail when it shouldn’t. This requires a granular level of control over every metric, including every type of error – network error, script execution errors, 400 errors and 500 errors. In addition to response time limits, expected hit rates and throughput can also fail a test if they drop below a certain threshold. You can even eliminate response times for calls to external services that you have no control over.

Consensus-Based Analysis is the result of many years of experience running stress tests in the CI pipeline for many applications, discovering what works and what doesn’t and finding solutions to the problems that come up every time. It integrates seamlessly with the CI pipeline no matter which OS, platform or build orchestrator is used. Make all of your load testing more robust and reliable and save all the time normally spent discussing and analyzing test results by letting ACE do it for you!

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