Monster Load Testing for Project Teams
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Loadzilla has several important features designed especially for testing service providers that are unique in the industry, such as:

Integrated PaaS Platform with Collaborative Web Interface

As the first fully integrated load testing platform in the cloud, all the Loadzilla components (server, controller, and AWS agents, along with associated resources) are deployed into the customer’s AWS account. This has significant advantages in terms of security and performance for one thing, and it also gives you the kind of control that only on-premise solutions provide. But unlike on-premise solutions, the ability to scale up or down as needed makes this the best way to go by far. Each team member has their own account and with multiple controllers can run tests at the same time as others, with tests and their results organized by projects.

Multiple tool support

All testing service providers with few exceptions use JMeter and already have an AWS account, regardless of what they use to run them. Loadzilla agents are Linux-based machines with JMeter and Loadzilla installed and preconfigured on them, so running JMeter tests is as easy as running Loadzilla tests. Both include Grafana dashboards for monitoring their tests in real time. But the key difference is that Loadzilla is far easier and more productive than JMeter for any test that doesn’t require scripting or coding. Correlation and parameterization are supported and easy to set up and configure. So each project lets you choose the right tool for the right job, and more often than not Loadzilla is that tool!

Multiple cloud support

Loadzilla began its life in 2001 using crowdsourced agents in a shared economy mode the way Neocortix™ (see below) does nowadays for mobile agents. Reaching over 26,000 agents in 162 countries by late 2002, it was used to test the hosting facility where NASA streamed the Space Shuttle launch in April of 2001. In 2008 the agent was ported to the new Amazon EC2 cloud, and the crowdsourced agent network was phased out. Over the next several years it was used to test dozens of websites in various industries, from e-commerce startups to more famous sites like ESPN and Stanford University, where the registration for dorm rooms resulted in a rush of traffic that put a burden on the servers and slowed them to a crawl. In particular, the largest series of tests that Loadzilla was yet to run were done on a site called Lockerz, which is described in this blog post:

Online Tsunami – a Microsite Faces Mega Loads – Load Testing on Steroids Blog

Along with AWS, we now support agents on the Neocortix™ mobile cloud, which gives you Global Last Mile Test Results, which is unique in the industry. With the new release of the software, we will also support Azure, which combined with AWS provides a distributed presence in multiple data centers worldwide. All these agents offer the same usage-based pricing model for equivalent numbers of virtual users.

Firewall Agnostic

The Loadzilla agent is written in Java and can be installed on virtual or physical machines running behind the firewall to test internal facing applications in dev, QA, staging or production.

DevOps Integration

This feature alone provides a strong motivation for customers to use the platform on an ongoing basis. Loadzilla comes with an API and a command line test driver that can be called from any build orchestration tool to automatically run tests as part of the build verification process. We like to use the analogy of the kind of tests run on an automobile engine at the factory before it is installed in a car. Issues that are uncovered at this stage are far easier to fix than they are later on the assembly line or most certainly on the road!

This combination of features provides a powerful incentive for service providers to adopt the platform as their go-to method for delivering services engagements and keeping their customers engaged for a long time!