Monster Load Tests for Service Providers
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For testing services companies, Loadzilla has an exciting new offering that is the first of its kind – a branded, self-service SaaS portal your customers run load tests of up to 100 virtual users for free and much larger tests at a pricing structure you get to define, not us! This lets you convert your performance testing engagements into long term subscription revenue with services included. Imagine having a SaaS offering with your name on it that competes head to head with BlazeMeter, and LoadRunner Cloud! Best of all, when you use it for your own engagements, it lets you spend a lot less time building tests and more time running and analyzing them!

With Loadzilla your users can run tests at 10 different AWS data centers or on Neocortex Cloud Services™, which consists of real mobile devices in regions around the world that not only deliver the desired load, but provide global last-mile performance data that is also the first of its kind. You get 60% of anything your customers pay for the service, whether by the hour, day, week, month or year. Annual subscriptions are especially attractive, because not only are the ongoing year after year but they can have consulting hours added too.

The testing services industry is projected to reach $6.5B by the end of 2021. To compete effectively, a company must always look for ways to attract new customers and keep the ones they have. They must also always look for additional sources of revenue, from existing or new customers. Ideally, this revenue is ongoing and not just one-offs.

The Loadzilla Reseller Platform meets all three objectives. With this service, a testing company hosts a dedicated SaaS server on AWS that all its customers can share, scalable to run as many tests simultaneously as necessary! Best of all, Loadzilla is not just any load testing tool – it has been around since 2001 and has been used to test web sites of all sizes across many industries. Its release as a cloud-based platform in 2020 paved the way for allowing it to run as a dedicated SaaS platform that we call the Loadzilla Reseller Platform, which runs on AWS. Furthermore, we are proving that it is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable load testing solution on the market every day by people who take our Speed Testing Challenge – which other tool can you name that has a 5-minute learning curve?

Easy to Set Up, Access and Use

To get a first-hand experience of how your SaaS environment will look and feel (but with your logo instead of the Loadzilla logo), register at and access the SaaS portal. Watch the 5-minute end-to-end example video and experiment with building and running tests.

To get a 30 day free trial of your own customized version of the Loadzilla Reseller Platform, send an email to or call 980-270-6105.